Bridging Student Expectations to Industry Demands in a Unique way!

We are Not Internships, Not Corporate Seminars, Not Industry Visits!
We are Simply OrangeHive!

We are Not Internships, Not Corporate Seminars,Not Industry Visits!
We are Simply OrangeHive!

Quarter Life Crisis?
Studying for 25 yrs to realise that one is not Passionate about the Job they are going for!

About OrangeHive

Problem with Education system in India

A large population of educated workforce is skewed towards very few professions like Engineering, CA etc. despite of growing opportunities across multiple dimensions. Students end up in a profession which they hate causing Quarter-Life Crises. The reasons behind this problem are:

  • Herd Mentality
  • Family Pressure
  • Unaware of Personal Strengths
  • External Influence like friends and siblings
  • Theoritical Academia

Solution?...OrangeHive! By proper assessment of a student's entire personality, a proper Hand-Holding Mechanism is provided so that they get a flavor of the industry they fit in.

Our Services

Acumen Assessment

An indepth analysis of a student's grasping capability, numerical acumen, language comprehension and analytical thought process is conducted.

Affinity Assessment

A keen observation of a student's personality, creativity, risk-taking capability and interest/passion is conducted through industry certified personality tests.

Etiquette Polishing

A thorough business etiquette training through Public speaking, Personal Interview, Group discussion and counselling is done, making student industry ready!

Case Disection

Solving a real-life corporate problem in form of Live-case study and Business Simulation in collaboration with industry experienced professionals to get a simulation of corporate life.

Outbound Pedagogy

Undergoing through out of the room corporate programs through games, activites and shadow sessions to inculcate out-of-the-box, design thinking and innovation management culture in students.

Shadow Curriculam

Partnering with Corporate to undergoing through few days of on-the-floor activities like shadowing, critical thinking, sampling and board-room pitching in assistance industry veterans.

Faq Questions

Internships usually take place during a span of 1-12 months where as OrangeHive is only for 15 days. OrangeHive brings the student from "Dormant stage" to "Active stage" and internship takes the student from "Active stage" to "Exposure stage".

Corporate seminars are usually a Monologue where an Industry expert shares his/her experience. In OrangeHive, an Industry expert exgages in a dialogue with the student by sharing a live-problem and collaborates with the student to solve it.

Usually, the nature of Industry visits conducted by colleges are oreinted towards a "Picnic mood" with less focus on the knowledge exposure. OrangeHive gives Industry visit a tangy Twist! Activites are conducted on industry campus to fuse fun with learning.

OrangeHive Assessment Programme

OrangeHive Assessment Programme has a unique assortment of Aptitude, Analytical, Language acument, Critical thinking, Personality tests, Creativity Testsall of which are at par with industry Standards that help us gauge the capability of a student.

OrangeHive Leadership Programme

OrangeHive Leadership Programme is the manifestation of Assessment programme. Students with similar attributes are clubbed together in a group and exposed to a Leadership programme in collboration with industry veterans.

OrangeHive Industry Connect

Plenty of Indutry connect activities are conducted for a student to become self aware of the industry she/he has an inclination towards. Student come in contatc with Primary data of Industry rather than Secondary data from un-reliable sources. This helps them to switch from "No Idea"- Dormant Stage to "ReadyToGo"- Active Stage.

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