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Software Engineer Job Overview

Job Responsibilities

    Technically speaking, the role of a Software Engineer is to build high-quality, innovative and optimum performing software or software snippets that complies with coding standards and technical design of the company.

      To put it in more simple words, responsibilities of a software engineer involves writing, debugging, maintaining, and testing the software that instructs a computer to accomplish certain tasks, such as saving information, performing complex calculations, etc.

          A software engineer is a master of converting the logical flow of commands to be performed by the computer into one of many programming languages understandable by the computer.

Day to Day Tasks

           Typically, day to day tasks of Software Engineer involves four phases: Design, Development, Testing and Documentation of Software programs Let us Deep dive in each Phase:

  1. During the Design phase, an engineer is expected to analyse and develop a logical flow by means of which the software program will function.
  2. When Development phase starts , a software engineer develops algorithms and codes in the programming language (ex: Java, Python, C#, etc.) to ensure that the software program gives proper output as expected during design phase.
  3. During the Testing phase, a software engineer tests the software program for any defects or scope of improvements. After that, software program is forwarded to Test Engineers for in-depth testing using test cases.
  4. After Testing, a software engineer is expected to Document the entire Logical Flow, Algorithms implemented, challenges faced, defects identified and other suggestions to keep a healthy track record of the development.

Preferred Degree

      To identify the preferred degree for this job profile, a survey was conducted with 147 respondents along with secondary research on popular job portals like Linkedin,,, etc. The graph below helps us understand the educational qualifications of current workforce in this profile.

(*Above data obtained from and also verified by survey results)

          It was identified that about 30% of employees currently working in the profile of software engineer are Bachelor in Computer Science. About 24% of them are Bachelor in IT. Thus, more than 50% of current workforce is either a B.E. / B.Tech in Computers or IT. However, the remaining 50% workforce include BE- EXTC and BSC in IT Candidates.

         An interesting thing about this profile is that about 10% employees currently working in this industry are from Non-Technology background and are self-taught!

Important Subjects & Academic Courses

Web Programming

Computer Architecture

Probability, Discrete and Advance Mathematics

Computer Communication and Networking

Object-oriented Analysis and Design

Database Management Systems and Big Data

Programming and Data Structures

Artificial Intelligence and Applications.

Easy Access to senior management of the company.

High Compensation and Salary with good opportunity to grow.

Opportunity to handle confidential information of the company

Long hours due huge level of responsibility, poor work-life balance

Sedentary Job plus too much Stress leading to health hazards.

Extreme attention to detail required, little opportunity to be creative.

Job Demographics

        Analysis on demographics of workforce working in this profile indicates that about 71% of employees working as a software engineer choose this profile during their Early Career (i.e Within 0-4 Years of Job Experience)

       Only 15% of the employees working in this profile join this profile during Mid Career (i.e Between 4-7 Year of Job Experience). Thus, this profile is suitable for recruits during an “Early Phase” in career hierarchy.

(*Above data obtained from and also verified by survey results)

      The Gender breakdown in this profile in India is 81.5% Male vs. 18.5% Females. However, over the past 4 year according to AICTE (All India Technical Education Council), the percentage of Females getting recruited in this job profile in on a steady rise. 

Salary Details

Information on average Total Salary, variable Salaries, Bonuses, Growth in the packages during Career hierarchy and much more for a Software Engineer!

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Upgrade Skills

List of Best Online Free Courses, Youtube Channels, Content Blogs along with best Certifications to upgrade the skills for a Software Engineer!

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