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Technology Consultant Job Overview

Job Responsibilities

     Typically, a Tech consultant is responsible for Strategy and  Adoption of Technology in Company /Department. They Design Tech systems and networks ensuring the right architecture and functionality according to customer need

      They regularly talk to the client and understand the problems which they face and analyse how Technology can solve that problem. Once Technology consultants come up with solutions, they do the necessary setup for the customer and work out any issues that may arise.

      They play a crucial role during implementation of the technology they proposed in the firm/ department. Additionally, tech consultants may design manuals for the employees as well as teach them to use the new technology.

Day to Day Tasks

           Typically, day to day tasks of Technology Consultant involves these phases:

Assess IT Needs and Requirements

One of the foremost duties of a technology consultant is assessing each client’s IT needs based on a variety of factors. This can include assessing both internal needs to support employee activities, as well as client-facing IT elements. In this aspect of the role, the technology consultant gathers extensive data related to network usage, client service metrics, and server load and determines the organization’s data management and security needs, as well as desired outcomes and potential scalability.

Examine IT Capabilities

In addition to gathering needs and business requirements, technology consultants also analyze their client’s current IT capabilities. This can involve highly technical assessments of server capabilities, security methods and technologies, and personnel training and expertise. Technology consultants examine these elements of an organization’s IT infrastructure both independently and in tandem to fully understand their client’s IT operations.

Identify Potential IT Issues

This primarily involves examining technologies and systems for security flaws, potential sources of failure, and vulnerabilities. It can also include examining organization-wide policies for data management and determining whether the client’s training materials adequately address potential IT security flaws.

Provide Technology Advice and Guidance

Technology consultants work closely with chief technology officers (CTOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) to provide recommendations and guidance on IT technologies, services, and systems. This guidance can range from improving IT policies through training to implementing entirely new systems and servers to address the organization’s current and future IT needs. 

Integrate New Technology and Solutions

They may work with IT departments and database professionals on server migrations, for example, ensuring that the transition does not cause excessive downtime throughout the organization. 

Improve Process Efficiency

Finally, technology consultants identify and utilize methods to improve current processes and uses of technology to better align them with business goals. 

Preferred Degree

      To identify the preferred degree for this job profile, a survey was conducted with 91 respondents along with secondary research on popular job portals like Linkedin,,, etc. The graph below helps us understand the educational qualifications of current workforce in this profile.

(*Above data obtained from and also verified by survey results)

          About 21.6% of them are either Bachelors in Engineering or Technology with a majors in Computer Science or IT. Also, 16.5% of them have a Bachelors degree in Electronics or EXTC Engineering. Thus, more than 30% of current workforce hold a Bachelors degree in Engineering or Technology. 

      It was identified that about 28.3% of employees currently working in the profile of Technology Consultant have an MBA in either IT, General Management, Analytics or IT. About 25.1%  of candidates have a Masters Degree in Information Systems, technology or Science from India or Abroad. Thus more that 50% of candidates in this profession own a Masters degree.

Important Subjects & Academic Courses

Business Management & Strategy

Advance ERP 


Principle of System Documentation

Business Intelligence


Advance Computer Science and Data Structures

Deep Learning and AI

Software Project Management

Digital Product Management

Strong growth in Salaries due rising Demand in technology adoption

Freelancing Opportunities available if stronghold in a technology.

Easy access to top management of the firm.

Need to work in client location so good opportunity to learn.

Dependency on others to get the work done, thus stressful at times

Constantly changing technologies so constant learning needed.

Long Hours of work leading to stress and health hazards.

Job Demographics

        Analysis on demographics of workforce working in this profile indicates that about 37.8% of employees working as a Technology Consultant choose this profile during their Early Career (i.e Within 0-4 Years of Job Experience)

       About 38.2% of the employees working in this profile join this profile during Mid Career (i.e Between 4-7 Year of Job Experience). Experienced Individuals with an experience between 7-10 Years in an Industry contribute to 18.8.3% of workforce for this profile. Thus, this profile is suitable for recruits during an “Early to Mid Phase” in career hierarchy.

(*Above data obtained from and also verified by survey results)

      The Gender breakdown in this profile in India is 82.1% Male vs. 17.9% Females. However, over the past 6 years the percentage of Females getting recruited in this job profile in on a steady rise. 

Salary Details

Information on average Total Salary, variable Salaries, Bonuses, Growth in the packages during Career hierarchy and much more for a Technology Consultant!

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Upgrade Skills

List of Best Online Free Courses, Youtube Channels, Content Blogs along with best Certifications to upgrade the skills for a Technology Consultant!

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